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We know it may seem like it is still months away but spring is right around the corner, and as the snow begins to melt, you need to start thinking about the transition between heating and cooling in your home. Springtime is your chance to save some money as well. The furnace will be needed less, and the less you need the unit, the more you will save on your energy bills. However, if your home has terribly low levels of insulation, you may be using the furnace for much longer than you may like.

How Can Insulation Save Me Money?

Insulation creates a heat barrier between the outdoors and the indoors. During the winter, your furnace generated heat for the home, and when you have good insulation levels in the home, the insulation will resist the heat being lost to the outdoors through your walls, ceilings, and floors. In the summer, the barrier keeps the heat outside from getting through the insulation and into the inside of the home.

As the temperatures begin to rise, you will need the furnace to come on less and less. However, improper amounts of insulation could be what are forcing you to keep the furnace running. The chilly spring air creeps in through the poor insulation barrier, and it can require you to crank up the furnace to stay comfortable. Increasing these levels of insulation could allow you to set the furnace back even further or maybe even allow you to not use the system at all.

Savings through the Summer

As summer comes closer, the savings will continue. You home will be able to better hold the cold created by the a/c, and require the unit to run less frequently. The money you spend installing new insulation in places like the attic will be quickly returned through energy savings on your utility bills. When you have your insulation installed by Four Seasons, you can rest assured that your money has been spent wisely. We will install your new insulation to the proper levels, and ensure that it lives up to your expectations. Give Four Seasons a call today for a free in home estimate to see if your home could benefit from improved insulation.

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