Stay Warm and Save Money from Chicago to Joliet

Want to know how to save some extra money this winter, take a look at these handy winter energy savings tips on ways to reduce the loss of heat that escapes from your home. This will keep your home warmer, the more heat that stays inside your walls, the more consistently warm your home will be, which will help limit your furnace turning on constantly. Try these tips at home:

  1. Install a digital programmable thermostat for your furnace.  Not only will it be more accurate, but it could save you up to $150 per year on your heating bill as well as reduce your electric bill.  To achieve this type of savings, turn your thermostat down 10 degrees for an 8-hour period.  The best time to do this is either when you’re at work or sleeping.  By turning down the thermostat while you are sleeping you will not notice the temperature change.  You can then have the temperature return to your normal setting before you wake-up to start your day.
  1. Take the time to inspect around windows, doors, light sockets and wall switches for air leaks.  Once you have identified these leaks go to your local home improvement retailer and purchase caulk, weather stripping and sealant to close the gaps.  A great product to help seal air leaks is Great Stuff foam.  This works very well and is easy to use.  You can also install 3M window film, which will seal drafty windows.  You may reduce your heating bills by as much as 20%.

It Pays to Insulate – $1500 Energy Tax Rebate

Insulation is rated by R Value.  The higher the number the better your energy savings will be.  Energy Star recommends R38 to R60 for your attic.  Your floors should have an R Value from R25 to R30 and your walls should have R13 to R15.  By insulating your home you can reduce your heating and cooling bills, increase your comfort and receive a $1500 energy tax credit from the federal government energy tax rebate program.

Protect your Investment

If you recently replaced your furnace or have an existing furnace, you want to protect your investment by cleaning and tuning it each year.  Four Seasons Heating will perform a certified furnace tune-up that will guarantee your energy savings and peace of mind that your furnace will be working safely all winter long.  Be sure to use a certified heating and air conditioning contractor like Four Seasons Heating for your entire furnace maintenance needs.  By performing these simple steps each and every year you will enjoy a safe and comfortable season.

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One Response to “Stay Warm and Save Money from Chicago to Joliet”

  1. Lorance W says:

    We needed a furnace tune up or furnace cleaning not sure what to call it but we live in Chicago and everyone uses Four Seasons heating and cooling .Th tech was so nice he took the furnace all apart and cleaned the furnace he told us that the tune up he did would help keep the furnace from needing repairs .I was so glad that we had a tune up because last winter we had in Chicago was so cold and the furnace was not tuned up or cleaned last year .The last thing you want to have happen in Chicago is to have your furnace go out during a Chicago winter its so cold .The furnace cleanings or tune ups help give us the heat we need to make it thru a cold Chicago winter .They also had new furnace filters for us .