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Water Damaged Furnaces| Chicago Ridge, Cicero, Westchester

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Does anyone remember the huge rainstorms we had this past summer? For many people those storms are now a distant memory, but for far too many homeowners, there is still recovery in progress. The problem is that hundreds of homes suffered severe flooding, and in the process the HVAC systems were damaged. Replacing these units can become costly, and for many families, the furnace still needs to be swapped out. With winter quickly approaching, there isn’t much time left to get your family ready before the temperatures start to drop. At the very least, the furnace must be inspected before you turn it on, and if you neglect to do so, your home could suffer a much more devastating disaster than a little water in the basement. (more…)

GAMA, Flooding, and Your HVAC System| Blue Island, Justice, Posen

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

The first heat wave of the summer is over! Although there are sure to be many scorching hot days in the future, for now, chilly days and their accompanying flood waters are in the forecast. Isn’t Chicagoland weather wonderful? It was 90 degrees one day then 53 degrees the next day. It didn’t surprise me when we started to get furnace repair calls in the middle of June!

What is GAMA?

What I have found is that most of these furnace service calls are made because of basement flooding, and I need to warn some of you of the dangers involved with running a furnace after your basement has flooded. Your furnace may work in a few days after it dries out, but it still might not be safe to use. Have you heard of GAMA, the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association? This organization tests and sets standards for gas appliances including furnaces and boilers. They also make suggestions when it comes to electric systems as well including electric furnaces and air conditioning systems. (more…)