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Protect Your Family from The Flu with a Germicidal Light Chicago!

Monday, November 18th, 2013

The Chicagoland air quality this time of year can vary.  The local weather report may indicate that the ragweed is at a moderate level or the mold count level is high.  The same may be true of the air quality in your home.  Mold and contaminants can affect the air in your home and your health.  It may also interfere with your heating and cooling system. A germicidal light such as a Healthy Climate UVC-24V from Four Seasons can help to produce cleaner air in your home.  The germicidal light produces strong rays of ultraviolet light to help reduce harmful pathogens in your home.

Do More that Just Get a Flu Shot!

As any mom knows, flu season can be an exhausting time of the year.  It usually hits around the Holidays, right when you have the most going on.  You can protect your family from harmful viruses like the flu by getting more than just a flu shot.  Do more to protect your family by having a Four Seasons germicidal UV light installed.  The UV light operates whether your heating and cooling system is running or not. It continuously destroys bacteria and viruses before the pollutants enter your duct system.  You can give your family peace of mind knowing that this same technology is used in operating rooms and clinics across the U.S.  Call and ask one of our friendly representatives about what you can do to protect your family’s health this winter, and get a free quote on one of our germicidal UV lights today!