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Replace that Old Boiler Harvey, Broadview, and Olympia Fields!

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Although the majority of homeowners use forced air furnace systems to heat their homes, hot water or steam boiler systems are the second most commonly used heating system in the residential market. They circulate hot water throughout the home through pipes to radiators, baseboards, or pipes under the floorboards. Once it reaches its target destination, the system uses radiation and convection to disperse the air throughout the room. Boiler systems tend to last for years and years, and many residents in Chicago and the Chicago land area are still operating units that are between 25 and 40 years old! It is amazing that these systems are still functional, however, replacement is probably somewhere in the not so distant future for many of these homeowners.

At Four Seasons, we offer our customers the highest quality boiler systems that are on the market. Peerless is a name that has been long respected in the HVAC industry for their durability and high quality standards, and that is why Four Seasons has chosen their products to install in the homes of our customers.  The MI Series of boilers are among the most reliable and efficient units that Peerless has to offer and these are some of the benefits that come with replacing that old boiler with a new state of the art boiler installed by Four Seasons: (more…)

Is it Time to Replace Your Boiler? | Oak Forest, Grant Park

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Boilers have a very long lifetime especially when they are cared for properly. At Four Seasons, we have seen old boilers last 20, 30 and even 40 years before breaking down to the point that they need to be replaced.  So, how old is your boiler?  Is your boiler still the original unit that was there when you moved into your home?  If so, you can save money and energy by replacing that old system with a new high efficiency boiler from Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning.

Overpaying Every Month

You run into two problems when you allow an old outdated boiler to run in your home. The first problem is the cost. The older the boiler the odds are the less energy efficient it will be. Some older boilers waste as much as 50% of the natural gas they consume during the combustion process. That adds up to a hefty cost every month on your utility bills and for most of us, overpaying every month by 50% is simply not an option! (more…)