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Summer Scams Resurface! | Mount Prospect, Morton Grove, Forestview

Friday, February 13th, 2015

After our long winter hibernation indoors, summer has finally brought us out into the warmth of the sun! Kids play in the yard and barbeques are fired up, but unfortunately, we are not the only people that come out in the summer. Like clockwork, summer time scam artists are back out on the streets perusing our neighborhoods looking for vulnerable homes.  What makes a home vulnerable? Well, summer time thunderstorms have been known to pull gutters from rooftops and uproot trees from the ground. These occurrences along with many other types of damage caused by summer storms attract the greedy hands of thieves. In your confusion and frustration, you may hire the wrong person to fix your home. Instead call Four Seasons Home Services!

The Results of Hiring a Scam Artist

When you use the services offered by a fraud, there is really only one way that the job can turn out: bad. However, there are varying degrees of “bad” in the world of scam artists, and these are the three most common results of hiring a fraud to perform repairs on your home: (more…)

Save Without Being Scammed| Oak Forest, Addison, Westmont

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Nearly every duct cleaning company in the industry, along with the Better Business Bureau and countless news broadcasting companies, has tried to warn consumers about the deceptive tactics that illegitimate duct cleaning companies use to make a quick buck. However, this multimillion dollar con is still claiming victims across our country and in the great city of Chicago.

A Popular Lie

Their most well known scam involves attracting customers with an impossibly low price. They will then raise the price at the time of service through the cost of add-ons that the customer doesn’t really need. Although the consumer thought they were getting their air ducts cleaned for $69, in the end, they pay hundreds and maybe even thousands of their hard earned dollars on poorly performed services. (more…)

Duct Cleaning Scams Revealed! | Homer Glen, Hanover Park, Plainfield

Friday, September 19th, 2014

The Warning Signs of a Scam Artist

  • Extremely Low Pricing
  • Door to Door Solicitation
  • Pushy Sales Tactics
  • Failure to Provide References when Asked
  • No NADCA Certification
  • Low BBB Rating

The Season for Deception

As winter approaches, homeowners begin to prepare themselves for the long hours spent indoors during the cold months in Chicago. We get our furnaces tuned-up, weather-strip the windows and doors, and some of us may even have the duct work cleaned in order to improve the indoor air quality. It is not uncommon for scam artists to come out of the woodwork at this time of year, and this year has been no different. Once again, another scam artist has been uncovered in the duct cleaning industry, and the Better Business Bureau has completed a thorough investigation. (more…)

Air Conditioner Maintenance Scam | Plainfield, Woodridge, Elgin

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Cleaning and maintaining the air conditioner is an important part of your home’s yearly maintenance checks. Having the system properly cleaned does wonders for its longevity, efficiency, and reliability, and neglecting your air conditioner can lead to costly breakdowns. However, the state of the economy has many of us pinching our pennies and getting the best deal possible on services like your air conditioner maintenance is more important than ever before. While searching for coupons and discounts, it is still important to choose a legitimate contractor for your air conditioning maintenance services. There is a scam out there that preys on bargain hunters and unless you know what to look for, you could find yourself falling for this “too good to be true” scam.

Price Cutting Coupons

Right now there are illegitimate heating and cooling companies generating and sending out hundreds of maintenance coupons. These coupons offer prices as low as $20 for a full air conditioning maintenance check and tune-up. Before you call up the company and schedule the service, ask yourself, is this too good to be true? The answer is most likely yes, and this is why. The cost of having a serviceman drive to your home and spend at least an hour performing a skilled service costs the company a lot more than $20 to do. This would not even cover the cost of paying the technician let alone the cost of gas! The company would not pull a profit from selling this service at such a low cost. (more…)