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Does your thermostat feel like a bottomless pit for your hard earned money? Does it feel like you give and give and are getting very little in return? Well, if your air conditioner is old and outdated, you may be doing just that. Stop spending more than you have to for sub-par cooling. That old air conditioner hasn’t run properly in years, and the little relief that it does bring is defiantly not worth how much you are paying every month in electricity costs! Instead, turn your thermostat into a cash cow and replace that old air conditioner today!

Lennox Central Air Conditioning Systems!

Here at Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning we carry a full line of Lennox central air conditioning units. The vast majority of these systems are Energy Star rated, and the better the unit you purchase the more benefits you will receive. The gizmos and gadgets are nice, but what most of us care about are the energy savings! Depending of the energy efficiency of the unit you have now, you could literally decrease your energy use by up to 50%!

Summer has Just Begun!

This will add up to substantial savings that will make up for any cost incurred replacing the unit. Also, don’t forget about the tax credits and rebates that are still in effect through the end of this year! Now is the time to save! Start of this summer season right by finally replacing that old air conditioner with Four Seasons today!

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