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Many homeowners underestimate the importance of maintaining the caulk in various areas of the home. How important could a five dollar tube of caulk be? Well, unless you want to pay extra high utility bills or have a visit from the Four Seasons plumbers, you will invest some time and money in keeping up the caulk in your home. The main areas that we are referring to are the shower, tub, and windows in the home. Spring is a popular time of year to make home improvements and a caulking project is a job that many “do it yourselfers” can tackle.

Neglecting the Tub

Next time you take a shower, pause for a moment and examine the caulk around the edges of the tub both inside and out. If it is cracked and broken or covered in mold, now is the time to make improvements before major problems arise. When caulk is insufficient or missing, water can leak down into the subfloor and walls behind the tub. Water encourages mold growth and before you know it the entire underbelly of your tub could be coated in mold.

At Four Seasons, we have seen this problem get to the point where the ceiling beneath the tub begins to leak water, and when it gets to this point, you have a major repair on your hands that requires help from Four Seasons Home Services. Our handymen would have to either go through the ceiling below or tear out the tub in order to clean up the mess before reinstalling everything and laying a fresh layer of caulk.

Neglecting the Windows

Caulk is also an effective window sealer. It is used around windows to prevent air leaks from causing drafts and heat gains or losses within the home. These types of leaks can add on hundreds of dollars to your energy costs and the problem can be solved in one of two ways. If the windows are in good shape, simply re-caulk around the window. If the windows are tattered and falling apart, have Four Seasons Home Services replace the windows for you. Our Window Collection is full of many different types of energy efficient windows that could solve your high energy bills problem. However, a tube of caulk could help you get a couple more years out of your old windows while you save for the upgrade.

Four Seasons Can Help!

If you think your caulk neglect has caused major problems that need repairs, Four Seasons has the serviceman you need to put things right at the most affordable price possible. If you are one of those people that aren’t very handy, Four Seasons could also send you a handyman to complete your caulk job and give the windows and bathroom a polished professional appearance.

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