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Air conditioner sales have been booming ever since the heat wave hit. The majority of homeowners that purchased a new unit did so because their old system was no longer working, but the interesting point that we noticed was the type of air conditioners that these customers were buying. The current state of the economy would lead us to believe that most homeowners are only going to purchase the bare minimum that will keep the cool and comfortable. This year, that has not been the case because homeowners have been upgrading to super high efficiency systems! The only reason we can think of to explain this trend is that these homeowners are weighing future savings against the initial out of pocket cost and finding that the savings in the future are hard to pass up!

The Top of the Line Difference

If you haven’t replaced your air conditioner in the past five to ten years, nearly any replacement will be an upgrade. However, top of the line air conditioners like the XC21 and the XC17 from Lennox will offer a substantial efficiency increase over a baseline unit like the 13ACX. Those that purchase a high end system will enjoy noticeable savings every month, and that will add up to more money in your pocket during a time when you are sure to need it most!

Navigating the Purchase

Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning understands that not everyone will think that they can afford a system of this magnitude, but the current rebates, incentives, sales, and financing options may change your mind. We will help you navigate the purchasing process so that you can come out of the experience not only with a unit that you can afford but a unit that will keep you comfortable and save your money for years and years to come.

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