Variable speed furnace?

Furnaces are more efficient and provide more consistent coverage of your home due to some interesting improvements in how they produce heat and move the air in your home.  These newer systems are much more efficient then past systems and can save you a lot of money over time.

Heating is now accomplish by using a 75 volt bulb that makes the furnace function more like a conventional oven.  This improves the efficiency of the unit as it takes less energy to produce a constant heat then it does to cool, then reheat air.

Also, most quality modern furnaces have a variable speed blower.  These blowers help with hot & cold spots and reduces the amount of air born materials in your air by running constantly and at lower speeds.  There are non of the sudden spikes of air to stir up dust.  However an added bonus is that more air is constantly passing through your furnace filter or being pushed past you UV, HEPA, or Media Air Cleaner systems improving there effectiveness further.  Even inline humidifiers benefit from this type of system.

Finally, as variable speed blowers are not constantly starting and stopping through out the day you will encounter fewer break downs.  All these benefits equal improved saving and better health for you and your family down the road.

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7 Responses to “Variable speed furnace?”

  1. Jeff Bell says:

    I purchased a furnace that has a regular motor can I add a variable speed motor to my current furnace. Will the new furnace motor make it more of a energy star rated furnace.

  2. Alex Z says:

    We purchased a new furnace from four seasons 7 years ago the estimator had explained variable speed to us and we had 3 other estimates and this was the first we had ever heard about it .I talked over the different quotes we had from all of the contractors with my wife and she said lets go with Four Seasons he was the only guy that told us about Variable speed furnaces .Little did my wife know that I wanted her to pick the company just in case anything went wrong I wouldn’t be on the hot seat .They came out did the install and I can tell you that was the best thing we ever did are upstairs is cool in the summer and warm in the winter and we can actually feel the air coming out of are air vents for the first time in 22 yrs .The job went great from start to finish and we our very comfortable in are home as well as Four Seasons Heating .

  3. Furnace Pro says:

    @Jeff Bell
    You could it would be very expensive to replace your furnace motor or you could use the Federal energy tax credit and get a new variable speed furnace .

  4. P.B AND J says:

    The next best thing since the wheel and cold beer. We live in Lincoln park in a 4 story town home. 3 floors always hot, 4th floor hot as he!@!!!

    We called you guys out you told us you could help. We purchased a Lennox variable speed furnace and you were correct, are upper floors are comfortable thank you sooooooo much!

  5. Larry 345 says:

    Does this make a big difference on your electric bill if your furnace blower motor runs all the time .Will the motor burn out also and how do I change the speeds etc .

  6. G.D says:

    We have a large ranch home, the furnace is all the way on one side of the house and we don’t get any air out of the vents on the opposite side of the house. I need a new furnace and was trying to see if a variable furnace will help. I have had out two companies and one of them said it won’t work one guy said I need more duct work and I asked him what good will more duct work do if I cant get the air to blow out of my small ducts as it is. What type of guarantee will I get that the new furnace will be better and if its not then what do we do.

  7. Thank you…

    A very clear, understandable and helpful explanation of the real advantages of having a variable speed furnace. The information you’ve shared here is appreciated.

    ~ Louie