Water Heater Maintenance

Here are some useful tips from Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning for maintaining your water heater. Though often neglected draining the water heater is an important part of water heater maintenance and extending the life of your hot water tank. Most people fall into the trap of out of sight- out of mind. Most homeowners do not regularly check the temperature of their water heaters or remember to drain the sediment from the tank.

By draining the hot water tank you can help eliminate the build up of sediment in the tank.  What sometimes happens is after a few years the build up of sediment may limit the amount of water available to be heated but also the sediment may cover the heating element and lead to it burning out.

How to Drain Your Water Heater

Your first step is to set the temperature control to the OFF position and let the water inside the tank cool down. Make sure to close the shutoff valve on the water supply, afterward attach a hose to the bottom drain valve that leads to an open drain. Turn on the hot water in the house to release air from the tank. At this point you can open the drain valve on the water tank. When the water has completely drained¬† from the tank you should open and close the cold water supply valve a few times to assist in flushing out the tank. At the point that the water that is released from the valve is clear and free of sediment you can remove the hose, open the inlet valve on the cold water pipe and proceed to refill your hot water tank. You can then reset the temperature to it’s normal setting.

Remember to shut off the hot water faucets that you turned on earlier when your were relieving the air from the tank. Now you have successfully removed the sediment from your hot water heater. Need more help with other household projects see our home services website for more information.


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