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Last winter in Chicago, we got lucky. As the east coast was plummeted by several feet of snow, we enjoyed a rather mild winter. Yes, we still had the typical ice cold winds and snowfall, but if you have lived in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs for a while you have seen much worse. Unfortunately, this winter has been predicted to be a bad one. AccuWeather.com has predicted that Chicago will experience “above-normal” snowfall. When you consider the fact that Chicago averages 38 inches of snowfall a year, you can only imagine what “above-normal” is going to be like.  So, how are you going to prepare your home and your family?

Winter Preparedness

Your home needs to be the safest place for your family to seek shelter during the upcoming winter. Part of making your home safe is ensuring that you have functional heating equipment in the home. Whether you have a furnace or a boiler now is a good time to have Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning out for an inspection. Have us look over the system and perform a yearly maintenance tune-up before you start relying on the unit on a day to day basis.

Take any recommendation that our expert serviceman has to offer. If the unit is old and rusted, now may be the time to consider replacement, or at the very least substitution of some of the key parts in the system. At Four Seasons we are not all about just making a sale. We realize that the services we provide are vital to your family’s safety and comfort this winter, and we put 100% of our knowledge and abilities into every job that we perform.

After you have the unit looked over, your work is not done yet. These are a few tips to ensure that your home and your family will be prepared for this winter season:

  • Prepare to be snowed in- We are expecting large amounts of snowfall, and in some areas that may mean that your home could be snowed in. If you have a fire-place or stove, keep extra wood on hand.
  • Get snow removal equipment- Make sure you have rock salt to melt ice on walkways, sand to improve friction, and shovels or a snowplow to help remove snow from the areas around your home.
  • Insulate- Old homes have poor insulation, and the best place to add insulation is to the attic. Four Seasons offers attic insulation services that can drastically improve your homes efficiency and comfort.
  • Insulate pipes- Wrap pipes in newspaper or insulation material to protect them from freezing. If you have a boiler system this is especially important.
  • Know where your water valves are located- If a pipe should burst, you will need to know how to shut of the water to the home quickly.
  • Keep Four Seasons’ phone number at hand- In the event of a failure or your heating system, Four Seasons is here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with servicemen on-call to repair your system as fast as possible.

Take these suggestions to heart, and you will be ready for this upcoming “above-normal” winter in Chicago.

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