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Fall in Chicago is a great time of year. The temperatures are poised between the remnants of summer and the chill of winter, and the furnace usually only has to be ran for a few hours here and there in order to keep the house comfortable. However, every day we get closer to the dreaded below zero temperatures that force us to use the furnace around the clock. As a result, our homes become arid and dry, and for some, winter may be characterized by dry skin, sore throats, and colds.

With all of the time that we spend indoors during the winter, we need the space to be as comfortable as possible. You could compensate for the dry air by lathering on lotion every ten minutes, or you could deal with the real source of the problem: low humidity.

When you use a forced air furnace for heating, all the air in the home is constantly passing through the furnace to be warmed before it is propelled back into the rooms of the home. As the air passes through the furnace, all of the moisture that is present is burned off by the extreme temperatures inside the system. In a short amount of time, your furnace can take the humidity level in your home down so low that it is on par with some of the driest deserts on our planet!

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution to this problem! You can restore moisture to the air in your home by having Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning professionally install a whole house humidifier. When a humidifier is properly incorporated into the HVAC system, it will transport moisture into the air as it circulates through the furnace and into each of the rooms. The benefits of a whole house humidifier include:

  • Cold symptom relief
  • Nose-bleed prevention
  • Reduces chance of infection
  • Relief from dry skin
  • Relief from dry throats
  • Protects wood floors and furniture from warping and cracking
  • Reduces static electricity

Portable Humidifiers

Many people do not have a humidifier professionally installed, and simply run out to the local hardware store and purchase a portable unit. Even if a portable unit claims to cover enough square feet to compensate for your entire home, in reality this is impossible with a portable unit. In order to get the benefits of a whole house humidifier from a portable unit, you would need to install one in every single room of the home. The problems don’t stop there. Portable units need to be filled with water on an almost daily basis. There is no water line for them to hook up to like there is for a whole house unit. Also, these units are notorious for becoming filthy dirty. This can cause the unit to clog, and it promotes bacteria and mold growth. Portable units need to be cleaned out at least once a week to prevent these types of problems. Do you have that kind of extra time in your schedule?

Whole House Humidifiers from Four Seasons

When you call Four Seasons to fix your humidity problem, we will set you up with one of Lennox’s Healthy Climate Humidifiers, and our installation technician will hook your new humidifier into your existing central comfort system. These units ensure even distribution of moisture throughout the home, and they require minimal maintenance. In fact, you will only need to have the system cleaned once yearly! Have the humidifier cleaned at the same time you have your Four Seasons service technician perform the yearly maintenance on your furnace. With the help of Four Seasons, your family will be able to enjoy enhanced air quality and comfort all winter long.

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