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Chicago may have been spared when inches of snow fell on many of our neighbors, but we can hardly hope for many more days of fall with winter close on the horizon. It is now time to prepare your home for the snowy season ahead, and one of the steps we all must take involves protecting the air conditioner from damage. The air conditioner is left out in the cold every winter and it is therefore subjected to all of the effects of winter. Protecting this system will help prolong its usable years, but improperly winterizing your air conditioner could create even bigger problems. Four Seasons can help you put your air conditioner into hibernation safely, so that it can be ready to cool you down when summer returns once more.

Covering the Air Conditioner

Encasing the air conditioner for the winter requires a balance between air flow and coverage protection. Many homeowners make the mistake of wrapping the air conditioner too tightly in a tarp or sheet of plastic that doesn’t allow for enough airflow. This could actually encourage the creation of rust within the system. Moisture and condensation will buildup under the tarp and without a mode of escape, they will begin to eat away at the costly coils within the unit. Rust is like a disease for your air conditioner and there is no real way to stop it from destroying your unit once it begins. Not covering the system will also lead to rust buildup, and is not an alternative to using a tarp or sheet of plastic.

Get Your Custom Cover from Four Seasons

Instead, purchase an air conditioner cover that was designed specifically for your make and model. Four Seasons can find that cover for you and have it delivered to your home. If you need a little help getting the unit cleaned up and ready to be covered, Four Seasons can still lend you a hand. Don’t subject your air conditioner to the chill of winter for one more year, and instead get the most out of your system by having it covered by a custom fit air conditioner cover today!

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