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Have you ever stepped outside on a cold winter day without a jacket on? Even the short trip to grab the morning paper from the driveway can remove all of the heat from your body, and soon you are shivering as you bolt back to the comfort of your well heated home. The effect that the cold has on your body is very similar to the effect that it has on an un-insulated home. Insulation is like a winter coat for your home, and when it is lacking, your home will lose heat very easily. This is a problem that affects your home year round, but there is something you can do about it.

Heat Flow

Heat naturally flows from a warm area to a cold area. So, during the winter, heat flows from the warm interior of your home to the chilled outdoors. Insulation is able to decrease this by creating a resistance to heat flow. This is very similar to how your winter coat will create a resistance to heat flow between your body and the outer temperatures. If your coat has a high heat flow resistance, you will stay warmer for longer. The same principal applies to your home, and unfortunately, many homes do not have enough insulation to effectively resist the loss of heat to the outdoors. The end result is high heating bills because the heat the furnace is creating is being pulled to the outdoors. Stopping this heat flow will save you big bucks and take a load off of the furnace.

Resisting Heat Flow

In Chicago and the Chicago land area, insulating the attic is the way to go. Insulating the walls, floors, and windows is also very beneficial, but when working on a budget, attic insulation will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Why is that? It is because heat naturally rises, and if there isn’t a well insulated attic to stop that heat from escaping it will flow right through the attic and out of the home. At Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer affordable attic insulation services that will help you raise your homes heat flow resistance and lower your energy bills.

By blowing-in fiberglass insulation, our crews are able to drastically improve your homes energy efficiency. The best thing about blown in insulation is that it can be easily installed in tight areas, and there is no need to remove old insulation in order to install new insulation. They simply put in a nice thick layer of insulation material, and suddenly your home is blanketed in protection from the elements.

You wouldn’t walk around all winter without a warm coat, so don’t make your home go without one either! Call Four Seasons today to learn more about our insulation services, and schedule a free in home estimate before you have to pay another outrageous heating bill this winter!

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