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Ever notice how the temperature can drop significantly just by moving from one room to another? This is a common problem in many homes and it can be cause by any number of things. High ceilings, lofts, large expanses of glass, or poorly insulated rooms can all cause this type of temperature swing, and many of you may have thought that there really is no way to fix this. Well, Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning has a solution and it doesn’t involve any major changes to the appearance of the home. It’s called zoning, and nearly any forced air unit can be placed on this type of system.

Problems Solved by Zoning the Home:

  • Eliminate Energy Waste: Why waste money heating rooms up that no one is going to be in? A zoning system from Four Seasons will help you conserve energy by only warming up the rooms that are currently in use. The rooms that aren’t in use can hover at a much lower temperature than the rooms you actually occupy. This will ensure that the furnace is only used where absolutely needed and waste is eliminated.
  • Eliminate Unwanted Temperature Changes: If you have temperature swings in your home from room to room, a zoning system can cure this issue. Rooms that need less heat can be turned down at their thermostat, and those that are excessively cold can get the boost they need to ensure total comfort.
  • Eliminate Temperature Wars: Everyone has different comfort levels and that one thermostat is not going to be able to meet all of them at once. Many families find themselves in temperature wars with one another, but this can all change with a zoning system. Each family member can choose their desired temperature for their part of the home.

How a Zoning System can Help Your Home

A zoning system is basically a series of dampers placed into the duct work that are controlled by the control panel on the furnace. You control the control panel from the individual thermostats that are located all over the home. The size of your home will determine the amount of zones that the space and be broken up into, but we have found that almost any home can benefit from adding a zoning system. Learn if your home can benefit too by call your Four Seasons Home Comfort Specialist today!

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