John P. and Paula K.

Oak Brook, Illinois

I am not normally a “letter writer” kind of guy, but I wanted to highlight my recent experience with your company.

Our AC system broke down during the high heat of July. It had been on my list of “to dos” for a couple of years, but as long as it worked ok, it never rose to the top of my list. After 30+ years, it finally gave up the ghost and it was time to replace it. Our house was miserable!

I called in my regular HVAC contractor to have them come out and give me an estimate. I also called Four Seasons. While I am not a previous customer of Four Seasons, your name and logo had been bombarding me lately. From seeing you listed in the recent Crain’s Chicago Business list, on the boards at the Blackhawks game, and the fliers that show up in my Nicor bill. Perhaps the most memorable impression is the “Your Wife Is Hot” billboard on I-294. I also consulted with a consumer review “list” and it was pretty obvious I should have Four Seasons come take a look.

I scheduled an appointment and Dennis was able to come out right away. He assessed the situation, explained and educated our options and gave us an estimate to replace our whole system.

Ironically, my other contractor was also quoting Lennox equipment, so I was able to compare the two estimates well. Four Seasons was less expensive, but was also quoting some more standard equipment. Since this is a  long term proposition, I wanted to do it right and Dennis was very helpful, straight forward and trustworthy. We were able to come up with a system that met my goals and would provide years of reliability, while saving energy costs along the way.

When comparing true apples to apples, the pricing was somewhat comparable, but there was a big difference in the 10 year maintenance plan and the 15 years parts & labor warranty. I gave the benefit of the doubt to the other guy and decide to give him a “last look”, based on our history. He said there was no way he could match these benefits and the equipment needed would take a few days to get, as they did not normally stock the Signature Series line.

Dennis knew “my wife is hot!” and assured me he could get the job done.

Cut to the chase – we scheduled the work, and the equipment arrived a day later. The install crew led by Joe, was capable, dedicated and relentless! Our house was 94 degrees that day and the crew was determined to get the job done. They literally worked all day and night and finally got off the site in the wee hours of the morning. Their efforts were certainly appreciated.

We ended up going with the G71 Furnace, XC21 Air Conditioner, filter, humidifier, UV system, and iComfort Touch system… In an industry that has a sometimes questionable reputation, I am truly satisfied and confident in selecting Four Seasons. You can be sure that I will be repeating this story to my friends, relatives and co-workers!

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