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Lois R.

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014


I have just had the pleasure of doing business with your technician, Sylvester H., and feel compelled to drop you a note to tell you how proud you should be to have him represent your company.

After being told by another technician last week that he could not finds a problem with my furnace, Sylvester came out yesterday and diagnosed the problem almost immediately, ordered the part (which arrived at my door this morning via special messenger) returned and installed the part, thereby correcting the problem and leaving a happy customer. He was a perfect gentleman, very polite and professional, did a great job and left the furnace area spotless. He also did not try to sellme the store, i.e. things that I don’t need. (more…)


Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014


I was so pleased with the duct cleaning that was done.  I am glad I made the choice to go with Four Seasons even though they did not have the cheapest price.  They had the experience and reputation I was looking for.  My dad always told me, “It doesn’t cost that much more to go first class.” -Henry F.


Thursday, April 17th, 2014


Dear Mr. Musial,

I have used your company for many years now.  I have the Four Seasons credit card and am one of your preferred customers.  In 2006, you put in my furnace. In 2008, my air conditioner and also cleaned my air ducts.  Now in 2010, you have added insulation to my attic.  I just wanted to send you a quick little note to say thanks.  All 4 times I have had dealings with your company, I have been treated very well and very professionally.  You must be doing something right.  Your employees are clean, prompt, and work very efficiently.  Thanks again for another job well done.

Best Wished for a successful 2010,

Patricia K


Monday, March 31st, 2014


Mario and Ken performed the duct cleaning at my house.  They were polite and courteous and took great care to protect my newly finished wood floor.  Thank you for a great job. -Joe P.


Sunday, March 30th, 2014


I was so embarrassed when I saw how filthy my air ducts were.  I pride myself on keeping a clean and tidy house and was shocked to see how much junk and dirt there was in my ducts.  I thoroughly recommend having this work performed. -Gayle W.


Sunday, March 23rd, 2014


I didn’t really know a lot about duct cleaning but the guy I talked to at Four Seasons took a lot of time explaining the process to me and explaining the things I should watch out for as I was taking bids for the work.  I am happy I chose Four Seasons. - Joel H.


Sunday, March 9th, 2014


The crew that performed the duct cleaning at my house were completely professional and did a thorough cleaning. – Kristen P.

Jeremiah Z and Tina M

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Lisle, IL

I wanted to start by thanking or Technician Kevin S. for comming over late last night to help diagnose our Furnace.  It was about 10pm on a saturday, he was geniune and was trying to find what unit would best suite our budget.  Later when we decided what unit we wanted your 2 Techs, Jerry and his partner (i cant recall his name), worked for 6hrs straight installing our heating unit in one of the coldest nights of the season this year.

All 3 gentleman were extremely polite, Very Friendly and we felt that we had been helped to the fullest!!

I cannot Thank them or Your company more for the service that they have provided!!!

We will definelty recommend your services to all of our friends and family!

-Jeremiah Z. and Tina M.

Florence M

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

Chicago, IL

Recently I decided to have my Ducts/Vents cleaned because occasionally I would see a little dust on the floor.  I then call several Duct Cleaning Companies and settled on one that was (I thought) reasonably priced.  I soon learned that I got what I paid for not what I was promised.  Once the Serviceman had completed his “work”, which took all of 1 hour and about 15 minutes, he left.

In the days that followed as I started using the heating system in my home I noticed dust everywhere.  Which I attribute to the recent cleaning and thought, maybe some dust was left over.  As days turned into weeks I realized I was dusting more than I’d ever had to in all the years I been here, each time I removed the blanket of dust that spewed from the vents, a couple of days later it was back.  After several weeks I could no longer make excuses for the “job” that was done/not done.

I then call Four Seasons which cost a little bit more but as I stated before, I got what I paid for.  After Four Seasons serviced my Ducts/Vents I waited; I had become accustomed to removing dust from my furniture, blinds, floors, etc.  every two to three days, but there was no more dust.  The money I wasted on the first Duct Cleaning Company could have went to Four Seasons who in the end came out and did the job right.  If this helps anyone save some of their hard earned money in these difficult economic times I’m happy.  From now on my philosophy is “do it right the first time.”

-Florence M.


Friday, December 13th, 2013

July 16, 2011

David L. W.

Channahon, IL 60410

Mr. Michael Cassity,


Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning

Mr. Cassity,

I am writing to personally thank you and your company for the exceptional service received for replacement of my old, outdated heating and cooling system. Being apprehensive and concerned with having to deal with and go through the whole estimating and bidding process. I felt very fortunate when connecting to your “Comfort Specialist” Walter Obrachta. His professionalism and knowledge along with his timeless and easy accessibility to answer follow up questions immediately sold me to go with Four Seasons to answer my service needs.

Further concern and anxiety regarding installation quality and operation remained. Walter scheduled installation within two days which was great considering the 90’ degree days and I was on vacation this week. As much as I was impressed my Mr. Obrachta’s knowledge and salesmanship, I was equally impressed, if not more by the performance of the service technicians, Dariusz and Miguel. The talent and diligence of Dariusz combined with the support and dedication of Miguel are to be commended. They showed up promptly and as scheduled and reviewed the overall demo and installation process with me.

Being a Supervisor in the process department of a large area Oil Refinery Department, I work daily with The Process technicians and Maintenance Technicians in the field. The performance by your installers Dariusz and Miguel is at par with our very top performers. Their attention to detail, work ethic, safety, and help keeping practices and dedication are to be commended.

Overall, let me thank you and your team for the comforting experience and putting me at ease knowing I have purchased and installed a great product to take care of needs for many years to come. Since being a Saturday installation my “nosey” neighbors could not refrain from observing and questioning on my good fortune and as since one neighbor has called Walter for an estimate for a rental unit he owns and the other neighbor is considering your company for his future needs. Thanks again for everything.



David W's Original Letter

David W's Original Letter